Photos from our 2020 Bixby, Oklahoma Summer Show during COVID-19

Photos from our 2021 Stillwater, Oklahoma Winter Train Show Feb. 20th

​​Photos from our 2022 Stillwater, Oklahoma Winter Train Show Feb. 19th

2021 Edmond, OK. Happy Hippo Festival -  attended by Joan Spall

2021 May OKC Train Show - TTOS Layout -  photos by Joan Spall

Our Operators of the Quarter

Running trains for the residents of Fountains of Canterbury in Oklahoma City March 8, 2022

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022, TTOS Sooner Division members Ron Geminn, Joan and John Spall put on an operating O gauge train display for residents of Fountains of Canterbury. The facility is an assisted living center in Oklahoma City. Lorna Deaton, Community Life Advocate, was really looking forward to members of TTOS Sooner Division setting up an operating train layout in the dining area of the facility. Ron, Joan and John were there when the lunch hour ended for set-up and ran their trains for just about two hours of fun. You could tell that the entire event brought back many memories for a number of the residents. Community outreach, a valuable activity that is encouraged by the Toy Train Operating Society’s Sooner Division, supports its members in participating when the opportunity presents itself!

​​Photos from our 2022 Edmond, Oklahoma Summer Train Show July 15th & 16thFeb. 19th

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Photos from our 2019 National Convention in Wichita, Kansas